1. Take your car sound system to the next level with the CL-500.1 D 1 Channel Car Amplifier. Designed to deliver powerful and reliable performance, this amplifier is a must-have for enthusiasts seeking an immersive audio experience on the road.
  2. The CL-500.1 D amplifier boasts an impressive RMS output of 500Wx1@22 and 300Wx1@49, providing you with the power you need to drive your car audio system with authority. Whether you enjoy heart-pounding bass or crisp highs, this amplifier delivers exceptional sound quality that will exceed your expectations.
  3. With a wide frequency range of 10Hz to 300Hz, the CL-500.1 D amplifier ensures that you can enjoy a full spectrum of audio frequencies. From deep bass notes to detailed midrange and sparkling highs, every aspect of your music will come to life with clarity and precision.
  4. Adjust the phase of your audio with ease using the adjustable phase feature of the CL-500.1 D amplifier. This allows you to fine-tune the synchronization of your speakers, ensuring optimal sound staging and imaging within your car. Immerse yourself in a well-balanced and immersive audio experience.
  5. The THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of the CL-500.1 D amplifier is ≤ 0.05%, guaranteeing clean and distortion-free audio reproduction. Enjoy the true essence of your music, with every detail and nuance preserved for an authentic listening experience.
  6. The damping factor of over 200 ensures tight control over your speakers, preventing unwanted resonance and delivering accurate sound reproduction. Experience precise and punchy bass, clear vocals, and detailed instrumentals with the CL-500.1 D amplifier.
  7. The CL-500.1 D amplifier is equipped with a 20A×2 fuse rating, providing protection against electrical faults and ensuring the safety of your car’s electrical system. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your amplifier is built to handle the demands of your car audio setup.
  8. With an input impedance of 10KM, the CL-500.1 D amplifier offers compatibility with a wide range of audio sources, allowing you to connect various devices seamlessly. Whether you’re using a head unit, a media player, or a signal processor, this amplifier ensures a hassle-free integration.
  9. The compact size of 8.2×9 inches makes the CL-500.1 D amplifier easy to install in your car, even in limited spaces. Its sleek design and robust construction ensure long-lasting performance and durability.

Upgrade your car sound system with the CL-500.1 D 1 Channel Car Amplifier. Experience powerful and reliable performance, a wide frequency range, adjustable phase, and high damping factor that will elevate your car audio to new heights. Don’t settle for average sound quality when you can have exceptional audio reproduction. Order your CL-500.1 D amplifier today and enjoy a truly immersive car audio experience.


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