WINCA Automotive Equipment Car Instruments 2.5″ 60mm Red Light Auto Gauge Oil Press Oil Pressure Gauge

■Self-luminous meter that wakes up with IGN ON

“Opening” and “Ending”, directed by two ceremonies




■Complete playback of circuit driving, 3-minute memory replay function



■ Double warning function that warns with sound and light

Day and night independent 5-step dimming function

Centralized warning control function with master warning

Connect to METER OUTPUT2

■ Defi-Link indicators can be connected to each meter


■ Differential pressure display function (when connecting fuel pressure gauge and turbo gauge at the same time)

All photos are images.

Power supply voltage Supplied from Defi-Link Control Unit Ⅱ

Defi-Link Control Unit II

*Please prepare Defi-Link Control Unit II (sold separately) when using. In addition, a sensor attachment with a screw size of 1/8PT is required separately to install the oil pressure, fuel pressure, oil temperature, and water temperature sensors.

Defi-Link Meter BF and Defi-Link Meter are daisy chain *DFO1301 (old) Control Unit cannot be used.


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