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DSUS VIP Car Service Center

Dsus VIP is one of the leading service centers in Dubai that specializes in the repair and maintenance of a variety of luxury car brands.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality services at competitive prices which include Repair & Maintenance, Full Checkup, Body Painting, Detailing, AC Checkup, and Window Tinting. This is why through the years, we have made a remarkable reputation in the region with over hundreds of satisfied customers.

Expertise & Professional

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DSUS VIP Car Service Center
Dsus service center


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Dsus service center
Dsus service center

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Regarding our technicians, it takes 30 years of ongoing training

Dsus service center

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Convoy Auto Repair provides expert repairs, service

Dsus service center
Dsus service center


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Dsus service center



DSUS VIP Car Service Center

Car AC Repair

A powerful and well-functioning car AC system is essential for any car.

Car Battery Replacement

Get a replacement from the best car battery shop.

Wheel Alignment

The team of specialists will ensure that all the wheel angles are fixed.

Car Scanning and Diagnostics

You can identify what problems the car has before you begin with servicing or repairs.

Car Transmission Repair

Our car transmission repair is a comprehensive car transmission service.

Car Engine Repair

Our car engine repair service will identify and repair any flaws.

Car Oil Change

Oil change service an essential part of any auto repairing process.

Car Detailing

We provide comprehensive services of car detailing service.



Our history in DSUS As a car accessories business that was set up in Dubai in the late 90s,
At DSUS, we offer a comprehensive range of professional, efficient and great-value products and services for all your automotive needs,
. Car multimedia system
. Car body kit
. Car tracking system
As well as a full range of car detailing services and fleet management packages.
We in the DSUS service centre pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of automotive technology and are commit- ted to meeting our customers’ needs.
DSUS service centres are equipped with the latest innova- tions and manned by a professional team of leading experts and technicians to ensure your vehicles receive the highest possible level of care.