DYT/WINCA Car Power Inverter, 1000W LK=4988 Input Voltage: DC 12V Output Voltage: AC 220V USB Output: DC 5V 2.4Ax2+ 2.4Ax2
Cigarette Holder: DC 12V 150W Power Converter,2 AC Outlets & 4 USB Port & LED Display, Modified Sine Wave Inverter for Laptop, Tablet, Solar System, Camping, 12V-1000W

1. Put the inverter switch on OFF position and then clip the battery clamps on the positive andnegative terminals of the battery.
2. Note the Positive and Negative Polarity: Connect the red wire with the positive pole(+)(red terminal) of inverter and batteries.
Connect the black wire with the negative pole(-)(black terminal) of inverter and batteries.
3. Turn on the inverter switch. If the light is green, the inverter works normally. If red, inverter is faulty. Please check the wires connection.
4. Put the plug of the electric equipment into the outlet of the inverter and turn on the switch. Ifthe indicator light is green, the electric appliance works normally.
5. Operation procedure: When you use the inverter, please turn on the inverter firstly, and then turn on the electric appliances.
When you stop using the inverter, please turn off the electric appliance firstly, and then turn off the inverter.
6. When the inverter is working, if the buzzer alarms and the light is red, it indicates that the inverter fails. The user should check the wires connection, DC input voltage and the peak power of loads, etc. After the fault is canceled, the inverter restarts automatically
7.Battery charging: when the battery is low power, please turn off the switch inverter, AC IN cable connected to the mains, can with the battery charging, general need 4 to 8 hours.
8.About the length and wire diameter of cigarette line, the best allocation is 1.5m wire between battery and inverter, input copper wire diameter is 1.5mm?, output voltage is >200V. While you connect to the electronics, if the wire diameter is too small or wire length is not match then will effect the inverter’s power consumption, lower the output voltage, or unable to use.

1. 12V inverter (use cars or 12V battery); 24V inverter (truck or use 24 V battery) using inverter, please ensure that your car cigarette lighter output voltage and the inverter voltage is consistent, ban on 12V inverter in 24V or 24 V inverter 12V car (voltage cross use will cause the inverter burn out).
2. switch control AC socket hole current only, do not control the USB interface electric current, if you only use the USB charging, then Don’t need to turn on the switch.
3. the start current volatility, the car starts suggested not to use inverter (available after the stop/start).


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