WINCA Car Parking Sensor (6 Sensors) with Auto Reverse Assistance Backup Radar Detector System | SILVER

MANUFACTURER SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Detecting Distance: 0 – 2.5mUltrasonic Frequency: 40 KHz Sensor Self-Check Function System Alarm Working Temperature: -40 – 80 Degree Celsius Display Working Temperature: -20 – 60 Degree Celsius Power Source: Car Battery Rated Current: 20 – 200mARated Voltage: 12VOperation Voltage Range: 9 – 16VDIMENSIONSMain Unit  Dimensions: 89x59x22mm(L X W X D)Main unit Weight: 57gLED Display Dimensions: 98x25x25mm(L X W X D)LED Display Weight: 20g PACKAGE CONTENTS Car Sensor Kit LED Display4x Parking Sensors Drill Bit User Manual

  • PLEASE install following the instructions.
  • 4 ULTRASONIC SENSORS: 4 sensors at the rear bumper of your vehicle to alarm for safe reversing. Advanced chipset for precise detection and coverage. The sensors will buzz to alarm you in 3 modes according to the obstacle distances (0-2M). Connect the 4 sensors ABCD to the corresponding ABCD socket
  • REVERSE RADAR PERFORMANCE: The reversing sensors have superior performance: anti-freeze, waterproof, quakeproof, and durable. The beep sound will get louder and more intense for timely warning on detecting small children, little animals, passengers, pedestrians, and other people around the moving vehicle and helps to prevent collision accidents
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our wireless car reverse system fits your car (12DCV voltage vehicle) with the universal hole saw. Using our drill tools, you can easily drill holes in the bumper of cars to install the parking sensors. You do not need to connect the LED display and host on the benefits of its wireless connection function
  • FOR YOUR SAFE DRIVING: High-quality wireless sensor system with protective circuits avoiding overheating or overloading. The reversing backup radar helps to avoid dangerous and costly collisions behind the wheel and provides you safety and worry-free driving
    SIZE: 20X10.2X2 CM

Sliver 6pcs car parking sensor with auto reverse assistance backup radar detector system | silver


  • Winca Car Accessories- Camera SystemHow important are the Parking Sensor and REAR/FRONT/DASH Camera in the Car for your Safety?


    Rear Camera:
    The car’s rear camera is a vital safety feature, revolutionizing driving by enhancing visibility and minimizing blind spots. This technology significantly reduces the risk of accidents during reversing maneuvers, safeguarding pedestrians and objects. Its widespread adoption underscores its importance, contributing to a safer and more efficient driving experience for all.


    Front Camera:
    The car front camera is an indispensable component, elevating road safety and driving assistance. It provides crucial data for collision avoidance systems, lane departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control. This technology enhances driver awareness, mitigates risks, and marks a pivotal advancement in automotive safety and navigation.


    Dashboard Camera:
    The car dashboard camera is a crucial tool for capturing real-time footage of road events. Serving as a reliable eyewitness, it aids in resolving accidents, preventing insurance fraud, and promoting responsible driving. This compact device enhances driver accountability, security, and overall road safety, making it an essential component in modern vehicles

  • Car Parking Sensor:
    The car parking sensor is a crucial safety feature, revolutionizing parking by providing real-time assistance. With proximity alerts and audible signals, it aids drivers in navigating tight spaces, preventing collisions and enhancing overall parking precision. This technology simplifies maneuvers, safeguarding vehicles and ensuring stress-free parking experiences.Winca‘s cutting-edge car cameras redefine road safety with a friendly touch. The rear camera ensures smooth reversing, reducing blind spots for a safer drive. The front camera, a driving companion, supports collision avoidance and lane departure alerts, making journeys secure. Paired with Winca’s dashboard camera, it captures every road moment, fostering accountability and deterring fraud. These smart devices transform your vehicle into a vigilant partner, enhancing navigation and promoting responsible driving. Trust Winca’s innovative car camera technology for a friendly, secure, and connected driving experience that prioritizes safety and convenience on every road trip.
  • How to install have a look at the guide: Installation Front/Rear/Dash Camera
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